Products and Services
Bespoke native solutions
We have over a decade of experience in writing high quality native software in C and C++. We can work with you to discover your requirements and implement a solution that best suits your needs. Our experience also allows us to adapt to changing requirements as your situation and project evolves.
Cross-platform migration
Through working on countless projects we have built up a substantial knowledge of a wide range of platforms, both new and old which contributes to an effective porting workflow. If you find yourself needing to maintain a legacy software package or migrate it run on a different platform entirely, we are happy to help!
Teaching and training
With close ties with Bournemouth University we have years of experience of training developers in technical areas including:
  • C and C++ programming
  • Network programming
  • Parallel programming and multithreading
  • 3D graphics programming
  • Vulkan and OpenGL
  • Cross-platform build systems
  • UNIX and Linux administration
Binding layers
Have you or your team ever needed to use a specific library, only to find out it is unavaliable for your chosen programming language? If so, you will need to develop a binding layer between language platforms. This can often be a very time consuming and error prone task. Our experience here can help. We have also worked on a number of tools which help to automate the process.