Use the Quake III level editor
for all your projects!

Introducing OpenRadiant!

Do you enjoy making maps for games based on Quake III technology from id Software? We certainly do and extensively use it internally as a way to quickly test out new ideas. We are very excited to present to you our heavily cleaned up version of the classic GtkRadiant level editor. Not only have many issues been fixed but the program has been improved in a number of ways including:

  • Extended support for exporting to the Wavefront .obj format
  • Supports lightmap baking with the .obj format
  • Resources such as textures are handled like a conventional 3D modelling tool
  • Completely standalone; does not need Quake or any other game installed (Though they probably are anyway ;)
  • Maps can be previewed quickly and easily from the click of a button
  • Single executable making it portable and easy to update
  • Supports workflows for almost any 3D engine

Most importantly however is that the interface and usability has remained fast, flexible and fun!

One great benefit of OpenRadiant is that once your level is ready, you can export it to .obj which is a standard model format. This can then be loaded into a wide range of other modelling tools as part of your creative workflow. Not only that but OpenRadiant also supports baking lightmaps within the .obj format.



Future work and donations

This is my personal hobby project so please forward any queries directly to

If you like the tool, please consider making a donation. I have a number of interesting ideas to add to OpenRadiant and any additional funding really does help fuel the work!

Buy Me a Coffee at

Some of these future ideas are:

  • Export to a single file .html / webgl page so you can simply copy to your portfolio site and let others explore your world
  • wxWidgets GUI library. Gtk+ 2.x is nice as an API but does tend to limit portability slightly (i.e to macOS, Wayland, etc). It is also heavy in terms of dependencies. After stripping out a lot of unneeded things, this task is looking very feasible. I have already made some good progress on this one ;)
  • Lightmap baking is primitive. I plan to pull in more of the Raptor Bakery middleware. And open-source the remaining code. OpenRadiant is GPL but some of the lighting / export components are currently "open-core" as plugins.
  • FBX support. The .obj format is very portable but it does not support a great number of features. Adding the lightmap stuff was a little hacky and non-standard admittedly. I need to document these extensions.
  • I mainly work with OpenBSD and Windows. Even though the 3D modelling market of OpenBSD is probably pretty small I thought I would support it for fun and to ensure OpenRadiant remains portable to UNIX. I also want to get Linux and macOS cleaned up and supported too at some point. It would be great to get it added to common package repos.

Mapping is awesome!

If you are a member of a mapping community, please share this tool with others and please reach out to me! Since starting with Quake, not only did I love creating maps with tools like Quark and Deathmatch Maker but I spent countless hours exploring what others had created. I want to keep this kind of stuff alive and making OpenRadiant work with generic model formats is one of my personal ways of attempting to do so. Perhaps even creating a forum, videos and community around OpenRadiant itself could be a nice goal. Not being tied to a specific game engine presents us with a cool opportunity to bring multiple mapping communities together.