A network aware implementation of OpenGL which allows for the development of traditional graphical simulations whilst also providing benefits such as a complete decoupling of the 3D graphics stack and new opportunities for multi-user interaction.


Raptor Bakery

A fast, standalone and easily scriptable lightmap baking tool which can seamlessly integrate with almost any existing content pipeline.


The classic Quake III level editor repurposed to support any engine or content pipeline. Not only can it export to the standard Wavefront .obj model format but optionally, it also extends the format to provide inbuilt lightmap baking.



Our flexible UNIX-based desktop as a service (DaaS) platform. Access your desktop from a web browser and leverage containers in an efficient, secure and user-friendly manner.

Wavefront Animation Studio

An easy to use 3D animation tool allowing you to quickly create animations for your projects in a format requiring minimal dependencies and suitable for resource constrained environments.

Defile of Eden 2

A fun networked multiplayer team-based action game with an entirely hand-drawn art style. The game premise is the everlasting battle between environmentalists and those polluting the planet. It was awarded 1st place in the UK Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009.